AutoML: Enabling the New Era

of Machine Learning

at the Edge

Empowering Sensors

with Intelligence

EarSense named CES Innovation

Awards Honoree & MWC Global

Awards Nominee

Machine Learning

with Sensor Data

Actionable Insights from Sensor Data

Sensors are becoming ubiquitous – in your car, home, and mobile devices, for example. Hundreds of billions of sensors are constantly observing and gathering data from their environments, but the data is useless without intelligent analysis. Qeexo’s proprietary machine learning algorithms leverage this data to discover knowledge, make predictions, and draw actionable insights.

Low-latency, Small Footprint Machine Learning

Qeexo develops machine learning solutions for highly constrained environments. Small, but powerful, Qeexo’s machine learning engines are lightweight, delivering high performance with an incredibly small footprint. This allows our models to run locally on devices without having to go to the cloud, making it ideal for low-latency applications in mobile, IoT, wearables, and automotive.

Intelligent User Interaction

Qeexo’s machine learning technology makes devices more intelligent, more powerful, and easier to use. Through high-accuracy predictions for touch inputs, hand gestures, and more, Qeexo powers advanced user interactions and provides alternatives to expensive components for mobile and other devices.


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