At Qeexo, we’re expanding the limits of interaction technology.
The result? More powerful and intimate user experiences.

TouchTools allows users to instantly summon and manipulate a variety of virtual tools
with ease and precision. Editing, creating, and collaborating on touch surfaces
has never been so intuitive.


Forget Toolbars.
With TouchTools, cumbersome toolbars are a thing of the past. Users need only to mimic the way they hold objects in the real world, place their hands on the screen, and TouchTools will choose the right virtual tool accordingly.



From Tablets to Touch Walls.
TouchTools is compatible with any operating system, and is designed for use with any medium to large touch surface, from tablets to touch walls.


Enhance Collaboration.
Whether in the classroom or the boardroom, TouchTools allows groups to collaborate and create easily and efficiently.


With EarSense, Qeexo has developed a software-only alternative to the standard proximity sensor. Qeexo's proprietary solution allows mobile devices to recognize contact with the face and ears, rejecting unwanted touches during phone calls and enabling thinner bezels.


Software Only.
EarSense is software only, eliminating the need for a physical proximity sensor. With EarSense, manufacturers have less hardware and more opportunities to delight customers.

Design Freedom.
By freeing up space previously allocated to physical sensors, EarSense gives manufactures the freedom to create more exciting and imaginative designs.

Superior Performance.
EarSense’s proprietary algorithm provides superior performance compared to many of today's leading proximity sensors, creating a better user experience for consumers.

FingerAngle extends the touchscreen experience enabling novel interactions
from handsets to wearables.


More Power at Your Fingertips.
Forget the days of small sliders and buttons. FingerAngle creates more powerful interactions with your mobile device by detecting the pitch and yaw of your finger on the screen.


Smart-er Watch.
Limited screen size does not have to mean limited usability. With FingerAngle users can twist, lean and slide your finger to unlock advanced interactive functions.

Zoom In/Zoom Out

Dial Up/Dial Down

Scroll Up/Scroll Down

ImpactForce, Qeexo's software-only technology brings impact force
sensing to today's mobile devices.


Make an Impact.
Using new dimensions of touch input, ImpactForce unleashes new applications and gaming experiences.


Integrate the future of touch
into your next product.